Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Fun Pick #9

dawgbones declines to steal and chooses door #12:

Topps T206 Lot of Bronze Parallels

I will use Matt's helpful summary to update the game:

1. Dawgbones- T206 Lot
2. Matt - Gypsy Queen Green
3. cardanathema (frzn) - Clemente from Matt, lost collector
4. Dimwit - Clemens
5. cubsfan731 (frzn) - Relic Lot from cardanathema, Dimwit
6. josh - Strasburg from Matt
7. lost collector - Longoria from dawgbones
8. eric - Mauer Patch from cardanathema
9. trey j - Joe Morgan from lost collector
10. diamond king

The Diamond King is up next and can steal any non-frozen prize or choose from doors 4,8 or 9

Remember, at the end of the game, 2 people will have a chance to make a final trade for one of the two remaining prizes.


The Diamond King said...

Since the Clemente is off the board, I'll try door #4! Cleanup!

dawgbones said...

I was originally thinking I could take whatever I picked and flip it for one of the two remaining doors, then my pick gets swiped (although a nice card, a Longoria fan I am not) I then decide to take Mrs. Dawgbones advice, choosing door #12 with the same overall intention last night before turning in for bed. Upon waking this morning, battling the morning commute (NOT fun today), I log on, check in, and

WOW, really? T206 cards are not a collecting goal for me, I've never bought packs (maybe 1) and...

Jeez, this batch looks like it was hand picked for me. Three Bo-Sawx, an Indian Wearing #7, an Oriole wearing #17, and 1 sly ole Foxx!! (I am currently contemplating adding a second vintage jersey to my collection, a 1942 Foxx) I mean WOW, GOOD TIMES!!!

Thanks for making my day a WHOLE LOT better Doon.

I now do not care what's behind the other 2 doors, and want to take this opportunity to thank The Lost Collector for stealing the Longoria, my awesome wife for picking door #12, and The Diamond King for not stealing my 2nd selection.

Thanks again for a GReat time Doon, these contests are a hoot to watch unfold, and an absolute BLAST to participate in.

P.S. Did anyone catch Philadelphia's 2nd inside the park Homer last night!!?? Utley is the MAN!!