Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Fun Game Pick #10

The Diamond King makes the last selection of the game and picks door #4:

2011 Bowman Bryce Harper

That's it for the first round.  If you want to take one last shot, leave a comment on this post.  Tomorrow at 12 pm Central, I will take all of the supplemental round entrants and if necessary, put them in a randomizer.  The top two can trade their cards for doors 8 or 9.

If you are going to stick with your prize, please send me a note with your address.  Also, please send me a link to your blog and your favorite team!


The Lost Collector said...

Thanks for the game, Nap! Fun as always!

Trey J. said...

Email sent, thanks again for the game. It was pretty awesome.

@Lost Collector: No hard feelings I hope? I just couldn't resist anything Astros.

dawgbones said...

I was originally thinking I could take whatever I picked and flip it for one of the two remaining doors, then my pick gets swiped (although a nice card, a Longoria fan I am not) I then decide to take Mrs. Dawgbones advice, choosing door #12 with the same overall intention last night before turning in for bed. Upon waking this morning, battling the morning commute (NOT fun today), I log on, check in, and

WOW, really? T206 cards are not a collecting goal for me, I've never bought packs (maybe 1) and...

Jeez, this batch looks like it was hand picked for me. Three Bo-Sawx, an Indian Wearing #7, an Oriole wearing #17, and 1 sly ole Foxx!! (I am currently contemplating adding a second vintage jersey to my collection, a 1942 Foxx) I mean WOW, GOOD TIMES!!!

Thanks for making my day a WHOLE LOT better Doon.

I now do not care what's behind the other 2 doors, and want to take this opportunity to thank The Lost Collector for stealing the Longoria, my awesome wife for picking door #12, and The Diamond King for not stealing my 2nd selection.

Thanks again for a GReat time Doon, these contests are a hoot to watch unfold, and an absolute BLAST to participate in.

P.S. Did anyone catch Philadelphia's 2nd inside the park Homer last night!!?? Utley is the MAN!!
and I'm posting this comment a 2nd time to put it nearer the newest posting...

The Lost Collector said...

Trey - no hard feelings at all! It's all in good fun and part of the game. The very first time we played, no one was stealing so I stole for the sake of it just to mix it up. The card helps your collection and that's what matters.

Dawgbones, glad to help. I'm actually working on a trade with 7 Hours from Tampa and the Longoria will come in handy!