Thursday, June 30, 2011

Card Shop Auction Night Part 2:

When I got out to my car after the auction and got a chance to see what all I got, this was the first card I pulled out of the first box:

I had no idea there was a card of Bob Saget out there.  Not that I was looking for it, but I was really puzzled to see this.   Of course I was initially familiar with him from Full House with the Olsen twin lizards.   But, a few years ago I was flipping around the tube and paused when I saw him doing a standup comedy routine.  It was one of the foulest things I’ve ever heard.  It was really hard to reconcile that against the character he played on TV.    Not that I watched Full House, but I know enough to know it was a family show.  Once I got over my confusion with his filthy act, I will admit he was really funny.  He’s also been on Entourage quite a bit, and his plays a complete perv very convincingly.
I need to do something fun with this card, but I don’t know what yet. 
I took a second look through the boxes tonight and I am more and more pleased with my purchase.  There weren't any monster cards, but enough decent material for my own collection as well as trades to make it worth the effort.  I mentioned yesterday that I got some basketball cards in my goody boxes from the auction:

There was large chunk of this SP set.  About 80 cards with some dupes, but not many big names.  If anyone is working on this set, I might be able to help you out.

There was a handful of Chris Paul and Vince Carter cards as too.  These will work nicely in my little side basketball collection, unless anyone out there is interested in them. I didn't scan them, but there were several other mid-range stars (Jamal Mashburn, Shawn Kemp, Glenn Robinson, Eddie Jones, and Tracy McGrady) included.

Yesterday, I showed the Mike Piazza and Frank Thomas cards that came in the boxes.  There also were nice lots of Jeff Bagwell and Alfonso Soriano.

I think my best hits were these low numbered Playoff contender cards.  I didn’t even notice them until my 2nd look through the box.  Again, there aren’t any big names here, but I’m always happy to have some low numbered cards fall into my lap, although the coloring on the corners on some of these looks a little jacked up.

I included a card from 2006 Bowman Chrome in the scan too.  The box had about 40 of the first 55 cards of this set.  I thought maybe the set only went to around 60 based on this, but apparently it’s a pretty big set.  So I won’t be chasing it. 

There were countless other little single nuggets in the boxes, but I’m going to pass on spending too much time on them.  I’m sure I’ll go through the boxes yet again tomorrow and if there is something that looks interesting, I’ll make a note of it.  Again, if anyone is interested in these, let me know!

Finally, there was a box of old Beckett’s that was about to go up for bid, but Cleve decided to just give them away to anyone who wanted them so I snagged a few.  For me, the price index is useless, but I am interested in the articles.  Just like Playboy.


SpastikMooss said...

Did you ever see Saget do the Aristocrats joke? It is the foulest thing I've ever heard...he's ridiculous.

The Lost Collector said...

Wow, never thought I'd see a Danny Tanner card.

Ryan G said...

That Bob Saget is one of the few I needed for my Fans of the Game master set. It figures that you'd pick it up so easy! I ended up grabbing one off COMC right before shipping my order.

Bob Saget is awesome.

hiflew said...

I am a HUGE Jamal Mashburn collector. I have over 500 of his cards. Are you willing to trade them? If so, could you email me a list of what you picked up.

Eric L said...

Saget is one of the MANY "blue" standups to get roles in "family" sitcoms (see also: Tim Allen, Brad Garrett, Andy Dick, Robin Williams, etc.)
And if you haven't seen "The Aristocrats" yet, you really should. It's been said that the joke the movie is based upon was Johhny Carson's favorite joke, which may surprise you after you hear it.