Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trade Post- Mother's Day Edition

I wrote this post Saturday night and scheduled it for today just so I dedicate all my attention Sunday to  pampering my lovely wife. (If I suck up a little now, I might get a chance to play with my cards Sunday Night).  So Happy Mother's Day to any and all mothers who read this blog.

Speaking of mothers, The Dimwit is a bad mother for trading me these GQ cards:

Base cards of three of my favorites, and an incredibly cool Josh Hamilton relic.  I was glad to get back a Michael Young since I gave away the one I opened during the Big Fun Game: Gypsy Queen Edition.
I sent him some Astros relics and base cards too for my end of the trade. 

The Dimwit, along with The Lost Collector, have taken up the invitation to play Words with Doon  posted on my sidebar.  I've enjoyed getting to know both of these gentlemen and their blogs but have not enjoyed the unmerciful beatings I've been receiving from them on Words.  I think they cheat.

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