Sunday, May 15, 2011

International Napkin

I have started going to Toronto rather regularly on business, and had my first opportunity to attend a Blue Jays game last night!  The Red Sox were in town for the last of their series with the Jays, so it timed out nicely for me.  I wish it had been the Rangers in town, but I'll take what I can get.  So in deference to our friends up north, let's have a spot 'o tea and put another shrimp on the barbie with a recap in photos:

The Rogers Centre

First of all, I can't believe a simple word like "Center" is misspelled on such a large building.  Didn't they think people would notice?  The stadium is in downtown Toronto, and is a very impressive looking structure from the outside.  Let me add, downtown Toronto has a very vibrant, young, hip vibe to it and I hope to spend more time exploring it on future visits, perhaps when I can bring along my lovely wife.
Here is the view from my nosebleed seat.  The inside of the stadium is nice too, but man, that turf looks like crap.  Again, the crowd was very youthful, diverse and energetic (though not very big).  I don't know if this was the scene just where I was sitting, but it was good to see that demographic at a ballgame. 

Before the game, I was able to go lower and get some closer pictures.  The 1st is Jonathan Papelbon warming up.  In the second, you can see I was very close to Big Papi.  In fact, I thought I was going to score an autograph but he took off pretty quickly.  Maybe my wild eyed grin and fidgeting scared him off.  The bottom picture is Ortiz and Adrian Gonzales before batting practice.  Both of them launched several balls into the stands which was foreboding:  They both hit homeruns in the game.

I don't know why this stupid picture keeps turning on it's side.  Blogger has it out for me sometimes.  It's symbolic though, because my expectations for this divine looking ballpark meal were turned upside down as well.  I was plain giddy with excitement over this footlong and Keith's pale ale.  I mean, I took a picture didn't I?  I can sum up the hot dog in one word:  YUCK.   It almost ruined the whole game experience for me.  What a letdown.  I'd take the $1 dogs they serve at the Naturals games over that.  The beer was good, as it should have been for $8.  Dammit that hot dog sucked, and I so badly wanted it to be good!

So that's the game in a nutshell.  The game itself turned out to be a laugher, 9-3 Jays.   John Lackey is struggling.   But I did see a few home runs and good defensive play, so other than that  &#*!)#  hotdog, it was a great evening!


Ryan G said...

I hit up the SkyDome (Rogers Centre sounds like a basketball stadium) last year, and it is a very nice stadium. I don't recall eating anything, and that hot dog doesn't look very appetizing. But you're right, Toronto is a very young, hip, active city, like a much-less-smug San Francisco. I only had a couple days there and I really want to go back.

Dante said...

I was at the game but at the opposite side of the field.
Yes, I'm from Canada Eh