Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog World Top 5 Players

This week I ran a sort of informal poll as to who are the top 5 current players to collect from a long term "value" standpoint.  Here are the results according to the responses I received:

1 Tie:  Albert Pujols
1 Tie:  Ichiro
3: Roy Halladay
4: Derek Jeter
5: Jason Heyward

That looks like a pretty solid list to me. 

There were 9 commenters who listed both Pujols and Ichiro, and after a quick spin through the randomizer, the winner of some cards arbitrarily picked by me is.....

Captain Canuck!

Thanks for playing Captain.  I don't think I have your address from any previous contests, so please email me when you get a chance.  Here is what I will send you:

I'll find another Ichiro to round out the prize to 6 cards.  I know, it's nothing huge, but not a bad payoff for giving a quick comment on my blog right? 

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

awesome. I'll email you when I get home tonight.