Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank you Rangers!

For the great start this season.  I really wanted to post something after the 3 game brain-beating-bashing of Boston, but I was able to stop myself when I realized that my not posting is the reason they had started so well!  So I held off while they swept the Mariners.  I was thinking 162-0 was not only possible, but highly likely.  But maybe that was expecting too much.  Now that they have lost a game, I can start up my Rangers posts and not feel guilty about it.  Rangers fans, feel free to thank me for holding out as long as I did.    And standing on an uncompromising history of heterosexuality, let me just say to all of the Rangers, especially Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler:  I love you.

I didn't realize it until I scanned it, but that 2010 silk card of Cruz is numbered with his jersey #17!  That's got to be a sign!  Texas Rangers, World Series Champions 2011, 2012 and 2013!!!!!

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