Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cyber Monday- Etopps T206

Ok, so I'm late on my Sunday book review, and early on my etopps preview.  The book review will be up probably tomorrow.  I happened to be looking around on etopps tonight and saw they had the "coming soon" cards up earlier than normal, so I thought I would bang out the "heads up" now.

I hope Etopps has it's stuff together this week better than last week.  I was bummed that the Buster Posey we were expecting was never offered, and by the looks of it, never will be.  I hope the same thing doesn't happen for these two:

Monday's offerings will be Joe Dimaggio and Walter Johnson.  I am all over these two, especially the DiMaggio!  I do not know what the cost or print run will be, but for DiMaggio, it won't matter.  Again, if you are interested, be sure to be online at 1 pm est when these are posted.
I assume 2011 Baseball is not far behind.

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