Thursday, February 6, 2014

What To Do With Cool Cards That Just Don't Fit In

Every few months I do what I imagine a lot of you do, and that is organize the piles of cards that have accumulated in whatever area one has that holds accumulated and unsorted cards. 

It's generally a pretty easy process for me once I get going on it.  I bring my stacks of cards downstairs, pile them on the dining room table, assure the lovely wife that the mess will be gone soon, and I go to work sorting.  Most cards go into one of the following places:
  • Favorite/Star Player Albums 
  • Razorback Alum Album
  • Northwest Arkansas Naturals Alum Album
  • Rangers Album/Commons box
  • Sets I'm Building Albums
  • Base/Common 5,000 count boxes by brand
  • Semi Star Boxes
And so on and so on.  I've got a box of misc/oddball stuff I can't find a good place for and don't need, and the intent is to send that stuff away in trades, or maybe build up a "goodie box" and put it up for auction for a few bucks at Cleve's.

But sometimes I find a card that I can't seem to find a satisfying place for, like this one:

I don't have enough Hank Greenberg cards to start pages in my Retired/HOF players album.  I could put it in my Topps base box, but I think this is a pretty nice SP and I don't want to stick it in a box and forget about it.  I also don't want to go to the effort of putting it up on eBay because it might only get a buck or two and that's not worth the trouble.  Plus I really like the looks of it, and probably want to keep it. 

So right now, it's sitting in a top-loader on top of my scanner waiting for a place to go.  First world problems, I know.  I'm not asking for a solution, just sharing my woes.


The Junior Junkie said...

I just started a box of generally cool cards that have no real place. It's mostly cool/unique photography cards, but one that like Greenberg would also fit in there.

The Lost Collector said...

Good call. I have the same issues. I like Junior Junkie's idea.