Monday, February 24, 2014

Are You Calling Me Yella?

I should take a moment to express my appreciation for all of the nice things that you guys said when I made my announcement that I was wrapping this blog up on March 4th.  I truly wasn't expecting that and feel very humbled and appreciative by the comments.

I certainly didn't mean to give the impression that writing this blog was making me miserable.  I still have fun with it, it's just that it's getting hard to find time for it, plus I just don't think I have much else to offer in terms of content.  I do still have some cards I want to show, including some of these parallels from 2014 Topps:

2014 Topps is really growing on me.  It seems like the consensus on the set is "meh" but I really like it.   I also love the yellow parallels, or "yella" as my West Texas born Mother would say.   It's kind of a goofy face on Wil Myers (of whom with which I've shared a baseball field with which of whom).

I do like the photography on most of the cards I've seen so far though, and I'm beyond thrilled that Topps has captured a card of Adrian Beltre getting his head touched (he doesn't like that you know!)  I'm for sure building a rainbow of the Beltre card:

I know the red and blue are Target and Walmart, and the red crystally thing is in all retail, but I don't know the story on the green.  I haven't seen it in any boxes I've opened yet.  Anyone know?


madding said...

Green parallels are in the retail jumbo/rack packs that are usually around $5. They're also a very weird shade of green if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Some might say puke green....parents know it's more baby $#!+ green! One of the few things I don't miss from those days!


Play at the Plate said...

Geez Nap, if good original content was required, I would have shut down my blog a long time ago. I need most of those too, but I'm not buying any more Series 1 beyond the one blaster I bought.