Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Elation of a Filled Up Sampler Page: 1962 Topps

We have this new guy in our office, and the jury is still out if he's going to cut it.  I think he will, but I'm an optimistic guy by nature.  But earlier today, he sent me through the roof.  One of our big customers (and by big, I mean this customer is as big a customer as there is in the world) requested some data from him.

He sent over the data, which was good, but his email read in full:

"Here is the information.  Thanks." 

"Here is the information.  Thanks."  No greeting the customer by name, no insight to what the data said, and not even an invitation to reach out with questions.

"Here is the information.  Thanks."

That's sort of like when you go through the drive through and the restaurant employee just hands you your bag without saying anything.  Except instead of hamburgers, this bag has information used to make million dollar decisions.

Why am I talking about this?  Because for this post I was tempted to simply show the 1962 page from my Sampler Album and say, "Here is the 1962 page from my Sampler Album." 

But I care too much about all of you, so instead I gave you a story about someone else doing that sort of lazy work in my office, and now -look at this!- I have a lot of words in this post.  Yay for me and my creativity!  I still haven't said anything about the 1962 page, but at least I didn't just say "Here is the 1962 page from my Sampler Album."

I do like the Brooks Robinson card quite a lot.