Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Elation of a Filled Up Sampler Album Page: 1954 Topps

I thought the 1954 page would be on of the toughest to complete in my Sampler Album.  But I was feeling sporty and laid down some coin (although not THAT much coin) at Cleve's recently and filled the page.

It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn awesome:

The Jackie Robinson is, no surprise, one of my most prized cards.  In fact off the top of my head it is in the top two, next to my T206 Ty Cobb.  I've had the Robinson for a while.  I bought it back when I was single and didn't have to worry about spending money on chicks because they would have nothing to do with me.

Most of the rest I've picked up this year.  The other "big" card here is the Eddie Mathews and I  just bought the it last week at Cleve's.

All the rest are pretty good too.  Here are my tidbits about each one:

Walt Dropo:  Dropo was Rookie of the Year in 1950 with a monster offensive campaign (he was also 6th in MVP voting).  He looked to be a superstar in the making.  The next year he fractured his wrist and was never the same.

Matt Batts: I got this because his name is Matt Batts.  And Cleve sold it to me for $2.

Andy Pafko: Honestly, I got this because Pafko was card #1 on the 1952 set, which for some reason is a well known fact in the baseball card world.  He also was a 5 time all star.

Eddie Stanky:  Probably the 3rd biggest name on this page.  The "Brat" was big pain in the ass and a pretty complicated man.

Ferris Fain:  I think of two things when I think of Ferris Fain: Ferris Bueller and that he sold pot.

Ed Lopat:  It's always good to have a vintage Yankee, right LC? Plus now I have three Eds on this page.

At some point I will upgrade a few of the names on this page, but for now I'm completely happy with it!


carlsonjok said...

Surprisingly enough, a 1954 Jackie Robinson is one of my most prized cards, too.

Play at the Plate said...

I think a '54 Robinson would be just about anyone's most prized card. Looks good Nap!

Hackenbush said...


The Lost Collector said...

Nice! Love the Jackie, and couldn't agree more on the Lopat.