Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nananananananananananananana... BATMAN!

Batman Carroll that is:

The card says Ahmad Carroll, but in Razorback country he's known by his nickname- "Batman."  I don't know why he was called that though.  What I do remember is that when the U of A was recruiting him out of high school they had an actual Batmobile waiting for him on campus during his recruiting visit.  He was a big time recruit, and I am a total Razorback apologist, but even I remember at the time thinking that was a bit much.  I guess it worked though!

Anyway, Carroll had a pretty good career for the Razorbacks.  I remember he was an embarrassingly prolific trash talker, even when the Hogs were getting their brains beat in.  I actually kind of respect that in hindsight.  Hey, let 'em know you're there, right?

I'm always glad to get Razorback autos, and this one came courtesy of reader Brandon, who didn't ask for much in return, but just thought I might like it since I collect Razorbacks.  Brandon, you were right, thanks for the cool card!   

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