Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just Commons Maiden Voyage

I’ve heard quite a lot about Just Commons from fellow bloggers lately and finally decided to check it out.  It’s pretty similar to, but you aren’t shopping from multiple vendors so the shipping rates are easier to manage.   In fact, if you purchase $10 or more, shipping is free.  So I spent $10, mostly knocking off some needs for my checklists and filling Sampler Album pages. 


Just Commons also has a section of $2 relics/autos and I found a few good ones for my collection:


Nick Schmidt is a former Razorback, so $2 for this chrome autograph is great for me.


I’m really proud of this Derek Holland auto for $2.  Even though he looks ridiculous with that mustache.

I certainly have not been in buying mode these days (or blogging mode for that matter), but this was a fun purchase.  Overall, I got about 20 cards, most around a dime or so.   It looks like the site adds cards pretty regularly, so I look forward to checking it out again soon. 


carlsonjok said...

Rickrolling is so 2008.

cynicalbuddha said...

I love just commons. I usually use it to build my team sets and fill in holes with sets i'm putting together. Every now and then they buy a big collection and add all sorts of new stuff and they started breaking cases of the new stuff so you can usually find singles you need there early until it gets picked over. But over all I've been pretty happy with them.