Sunday, November 3, 2013

Checklist Chipaway: 2003 Diamond Kings: Heritage

Progress on my 2003 Diamond Kings master set continues as this week I finished up the "Heritage" 25 card insert set.  The last card I needed was Thurman Munson, and I finally found a great deal on one online.  The pages are now full, and it's a nice looking set:

The only non-relic insert set I need to complete now is the HOF Heroes reprint set.  They are proving difficult to find at prices I'm ok with.  That's fine- it took me 10 years to get this far, I can drag this out as long as needed.

IF anyone happens to have any of the HOF Heroes cards they are willing to part with, the cards I lack are:

#4 Duke Snider
#6 Early Winn
#7 Yogi Berra
#8 Stan Musial
#10 Ted Williams

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