Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night- $11 HOFers

I did something Tuesday I hadn't done in a while: spend a leisurely 30 minutes shooting the bull with Cleve at Cleve's Collectibles, my LCS.  By the sheer volume of mentions of Cleve's I've had over the course of this blog, that might sound a little surprising.  But typically, I'm darting in during a lunch hour, checking the weekly auction fodder, saying hello to Cleve and some of the regulars, and then getting on my way. 

But the Lovely Wife is in wine country right now, my kids were both in school today, and I had taken the day off from work.   I understand 30 minutes really isn't that long, but it was a mountain of time compared to what I've had lately for this hobby.

I had put in a few write in bids last week, but had 0 expectations that I had won anything.  I didn't even ask about my results when I came in and started looking over this week's stuff.

So when Cleve said, "By the way, you won the '61 Banks and the '62 Robinson," I was stunned and surprisingly overjoyed.

These are great adds to my Sampler Album:

I have to make yet another disclaimer- these are not nearly as mis-cut as my scanner says they are.  Both cards are in outstanding shape.  There are no creases and the corners and surfaces are quite good.  It felt great to win a couple of superstar vintage cards.  I know they aren't super expensive in book value, but I love em anyway.


1961 Ernie Banks:  $6  A+  I'll take this deal every day

1962 Brooks Robinson $5  A+  I'll take this deal every day


Play at the Plate said...

Sweet vintage! Congrats.

Fuji said...

I'd take those deals every day too! Great purchases.

The Lost Collector said...

Then did you go to the spa? Get pampered on your day off? A little mani/pedi action?

Solid pick ups. Well done, Nap.

Napkin Doon said...

I do the mani/pedi every day. I have to look GOOD.