Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sampler Album Addition: 1952 Topps Larry Doby

It has been a few weeks since I've been to Cleve's Collectibles.  I'm usually good for at least one trip a week, but I was in Madison, WI for a week two weeks ago, and we recently lost a few people at work so I've been up against it covering two additional jobs on top of mine.

But I had some time Saturday and swung by for a visit.  Apparently Extreme Home Makeover had made a stop at Cleve's too.  The shop has been completely re-done inside and out.  I was in too much shock to take pictures, but I'm planning to do so on my next trip and will show a before and after story.   It was impressive, and it's already resulting in more foot traffic- a great thing to see in this hobby.

I was looking through some of the display cases and my attention was caught by a beautiful 1952 Topps Larry Doby card.  I thought it would make a great addition to my Sampler Album.  My 1952 page is almost complete, and I'd like to finish it off with some "name" players.

Cleve took it out of the case and offered a great price for it.  And now it's mine!

The card is in great shape, with no creases or major flaws.   The color is good and the corners are only slightly rounded.  Great, great addition to my album!