Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sampler Album Week: 1986 Topps

As much as I talk about by Sampler Album, I don't do a whole lot of posts showing the pages that I've completed.  I'll remedy that this week and see if I can alienate a few readers with boring, one-note posts.

Today, I'll show my 1986 page.  This, and 1987are the two years I feel the most nostalgia for when I see them.  I think I have heard a lot of negative opinions on 1986 Topps, but I love it.  I guess because it was the first complete set I ever purchased, after I finally learned that there were dealers out in the world that sold baseball cards as complete sets.  All I knew up until that point was that you had to buy a ton of packs to get even close to building a set.

I think 1986 Topps is very smart:

I know the Will Clark is part of the traded set, but my Sampler Album rules are not hard and fast.  Overall, I love this page.  The Mattingly card is a work of art.  I've got Kirby Puckett on my 1985 page too, and prefer not to have players on back to back pages, so I'll eventually change him out for someone else.  But for now, this page is great and one of my favorites in the album.

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Fuji said...

Love those 86T's action shots of Ozzie, Puckett, and Mattingly.