Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Return From Vacation Mailbox Goodies Posts: The Unexpexted Deliveries

My little family and I just returned from a wonderful Alabama beach vacation.  I won’t bore you with the trip details but I would like to mention one particularly fun highlight, and that was Lambert’s Café.  I’d heard of Lambert’s before and I guess it’s a relatively famous restaurant.  There are two Lambert’s north of us in Missouri, and the lovely wife and I have often mentioned making a trip to check one out.   To our pleasant surprise, there is a third Lambert’s on the Alabama shore, and it was a short drive from our hotel.

If you are not familiar with Lambert’s, it’s a kind of down home foods restaurant featuring fare those of us in the South love so much:  Chicken Fried Steak, Grits, Fried Okra, all that kind of healthy stuff.   Lambert’s is also known as the “only home of throwed rolls.”    Yep, the servers come out with big plates of rolls and throw them to you across the restaurant.  It was especially amusing seeing our son’s expression when a roll was thrown to him.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I thought the endless supply of fried okra was the coolest thing ever.    Have any of you Yankees or that read this had the pleasure of fried okra? 

Another highlight was returning to several PWEs and bubble mailers with my name on them.  Two of them were from other bloggers, and both were unexpected.  And both were awesome.

First, my man the Lost Collector sent me a nice trio of “Dutch Oven” cards.  “Dutch Oven” is Derek Holland’s nickname BTW:

The silver ice cards are very cool.  Almost as cool as Holland’s porn star mustache. 

LC also sent this very shiny Hank Blalock refractor numbered to 399.  Finally, I managed to score a certified "Lost Collector" autograph:

I never realized AJ and I looked so much alike.

 I also had an unexpected card from The Diamond King.  We sent some cards back and forth recently, and I guess he was feeling pretty generous.  Or maybe he feels bad for calling me Doonie.  Don't feel bad.  Napkin Doon is a made up name, so take all the liberties you want.  I probably wouldn't like "doon-bag" though.  Anyway, check this puppy out:

Love me some Yu Darvish patch cards!  Let's see if me posting this today ruins Darvish's start against the Yankees tonight.

Thanks guys for the cool stuff, and be looking for something from me soon!


The Lost Collector said...

I miss Sampler Album Week. Go back to the beach!

I mean...welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Lambert's was an awesome experience when I used to live in St Louis. I loved the chicken and dumplings...

jamicfin said...

Lambert's is great!
You passed right by me on your way down there, did you stop off at the LCS in Spanish Fort?

Napkin Doon said...

No, I didn't know about it. I meant to look around for card shops but never had time.