Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Fun Game Bonus Round & Wrap Up

So we had two contestants that were willing to take a chance on the last remaining prizes- Greg Z and Jaybarkerfan.  I flipped a coin to see who went first and Greg Z won.

Greg actually made his pick in the comments ahead of time, which worked out ok since he won the coin toss.  He chose prize # 12:

A 1962 All Star card of Frank Robinson

Jaybarkerfan also took a risk and gets the remaining prize, #3:

A pair of autos:  Cecil Cooper from 2012 Topps Archives, and Brad Peacock from 2013 Topps.

That wraps it up!  Below is the final list of prizes (apologies to cardanathema for misspelling his name this whole time!):

Current Results:
1. Steve D- Bowman Sterling relics
2. Josh D- Kyle Drabek Triple Threads
3. cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack
4. Fuji- Manupatch lot
5. cardanathema- 1968 Tom Seaver
6. Jaybarkerfan- Autograph Lot
7. Angels In Order- 2013 Topps Wrapper Redemption Lot
8. Greg Zakwin- 1962 Frank Thomas All Star Card
9. dkwilson- 1969 Lot
10. Commishbob- 1955 Harvey Haddix PSA 6

I still need a few addresses- please send these in and I will get your prizes out today!


Greg Zakwin said...

awesome! thanks, oh mysterious Doon!

also, I hope you pull the Darvish mini figure!

jaybarkerfan said...

Thanks for a super big fun game!

Josh D. said...

Yeah! You gotta post what mini figure you got!

Brendan Taylor said...

That frank Robinson Vintage Card is sweet!! Love the blog btw I just started following check mine out feel free to join the site if like what you seee