Friday, April 5, 2013

MLB Minis Live In Arkansas

Took a quick trip to Walmart at lunch today and saw these in a gravity feeder:
I'd seen something about these Big League Minis recently, but didn't realize they were already in stores.  At $4.98 a figure, I doubt I'll get many of them, but thought I would check one out.  You know, for blog subject matter reasons. 

I was hoping for Yu Darvish, but got Big Papi instead.  These are pretty nifty little things, and I can see how someone might collect them.   They're about 3 inches tall and feel pretty sturdy.  A handful of these on my office bookshelf would look kind of cool.

There are 28 figures in all, and a checklist is included on a little insert in the pack.  The insert says there are variations out there too.  Maybe I got one, I don't know.  The insert shows Ortiz in a gray jersey, and mine is a white one.  I wonder if mine is the variation?  I don't really care, since little Ortiz is likely going to my 3 year old who will soon mark it up with her crayons or bury it in the sandbox anyway. 


I noticed there are only a few of these on eBay (I was trying to score a Darvish) and did a little more research.  These are not due to hit stores until June!  I wonder what happened?  Is anyone else seeing them in stores?  Or do I just live in the most awesome baseball card/collectible vortex in the universe?  Back to WM I go!


The Lost Collector said...

These are awesome. My kid has been playing with my old starting lineups. He'll love these.

unclemoe said...

Lol. My son has a dozen or so if my old SLUs too. I'll have to get him one or two of these news guys. $5 a pop seems a bit high.

JediJeff said...

WHOA! Look at all the White Sox on the checklist!

Yeah...that's what I thought. Pass.