Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gypsy Queen Vs. Heritage- An Unscientific Comparison

I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought I liked 2013 Heritage based on the rack pack I purchased, but wanted to buy more of it to determine if I really wanted to dive in and chase the set.    I tried to visualize my decision making process with what now appears to be a squid with an erection:
But I digress. Stage 2 of my process is Gathering- the point where I decide to pick up a little more of a set to understand the context of the product.  At this stage, I still don't buy enough to be even 1/3 of the way close to completing the set, but I pretty much understand what I'm getting into.   Still, I don't yet have enough to feel I've veered into the Accumulation stage, where I'm just picking up cards I don't really want or need.  Trust me, that's a hard habit to get in check for me. 

So, I picked up a blaster of Heritage and was going to go through the contents for you, my pals.  But a funny thing happened on a return trip to Walmart the next day- Gypsy Queen hit the shelves.  I love Gypsy Queen. I have built, or am building, "master" sets from 2011 and 2012 of Gypsy Queen.  So I couldn't resist a blaster of 2013 product when I saw it on the shelf, and came close to freaking out and grabbing several blasters.

But I realized if I did that, I could pretty much kiss off Heritage and I'm not sure I want to do that this year.  'Cause I can't collect both.   So instead of simply choosing in my gut which set I liked better, I lined up my blasters side by side.  I'll let the tale of the tape decide my fate.

Let's start with the base:

This is probably the most important aspect of collecting a set to me.  I have to like the look and feel of the cards, as obvious as that sounds.    The cards stock feels the same to me on both sets.  I like the looks of both cards too.  If I were to be lucky enough to meet Cliff Lee in person, I'd much rather have the Heritage card autographed.  If I were looking at this set in a binder, I'd much rather look at the action shots in Gypsy Queen, rather than head/posed shots in Heritage.  I like the frame better on Heritage.  I like the finish of the photography better on Gypsy Queen.   I'll call it a push on the front.   The back decides:

While I kind of dig the yellow of the GQ back, the Heritage offers yearly stats.  Heritage wins the base round, and I'll give that field 2 points since it's the most important part to me.  I would give it 3, but the fronts are a tie and I don't want to give the back a disproportionate weight.   

Heritage 2, GQ 0

Inserts:  I had 5 different inserts in each box which was convenient.  I compared the Horizontal cards and Vertical cards separately:

Insert 1:
Baseball Flashback vs. Dealing Aces

Sure, getting the Darvish card from this set probably sways my decision, but OMG that is one of the most awesome cards I've ever seen in my entire life.   And yes I'm still giddy from his near Perfecto Tuesday night.
GQ Wins.

 Heritage 2, GQ 1

No-Hitters vs. New Age Performers

Another easy win for GQ here.  I love the look of the No-Hitter set.  The NAP card does nothing for me.

Heritage 2, GQ 2

News Flashback vs. Glove Stories

Honestly, I don't care for the looks of either card that much, but I have no interest in News Flashbacks, so GQ continues to dominate the inserts and takes the lead.

Heritage 2, GQ 3

Horizontal Inserts:

Collisions at Home Plate vs. Then and Now

Another easy win for GQ.  I not only like the frame, theme and image from the Collisions set, I just don't get the point of the Then and Now cards. 

Heritage 2, GQ 4

World Series Highlights vs. Sliding Stars

Admittedly, if the Rangers had taken their rightful place as winners of any of the last 3 World Series, I might like this Heritage insert set better. But World Series memories are still a sore spot for me, so GQ continues to roll.  Besides, that Heyward card is sweet.

Heritage 2, GQ 5

Per Pack Inserts:
 Purple refractors vs. Minis

Ohhhhh, this is tough- but not really.  I love these shiny purple Heritage cards.  Minis are cool too, but shiny beats mini, just like rock beats scissors. 

Heritage 3, GQ 5

I should give Heritage a bonus since I got this in my Heritage blaster:

But I know luck has a lot to do with that, and I could have picked up a hit in the GQ blaster.  I'll give it a point anyway.  +1 for Heritage.

In the final analysis, GQ wins out by a hair over Heritage 5 to 4.  I'm off to collect Gypsy Queen.


Anonymous said...

Great post - I liked seeing the walkthrough from your perspective. I think this pretty much points out the difference between the two - Heritage is known and does well for its base set (and the tie to the correlating Topps set). Gypsy Queen does better on the inserts (particularly this year), and the base set is nice.

Jeff said...

"squid with an erection"

Is there any doubt why blogs are fun to read?