Monday, April 8, 2013

Checklist Chipaway: 1996 SPX Hologram

I’m travelling all week, and I guess I’ll need to bury myself in work for a few days.  What a great opportunity to cue up a bunch of posts to keep the blog churning!

I took advantage of the free shipping promotion last month and picked up all sorts of good stuff.  I was able to hit on several sets I’m chasing.  Granted they were small bits of progress, but progress all the same.

Today I’m showing the cards I got for a set that’s not even on my main checklist page, but one that I’m sort of building in the shadows- 1996 SPX Holograms. 


These are very cool cards, and the checklist is short but solid.  I was able to get good deals on some of the superstar cards I was lacking, and now mostly what I need will be affordable off of   

I’ve collected a little over half the set, and need these remaining 25 cards:

#           Player
3              McGriff, Fred
8              Canseco, Jose
11           Edmonds, Jim
12           Salmon, Tim
14           Sandberg, Ryne
15           Grace, Mark
22           Bichette, Dante
23           Walker, Larry
26           Fielder, Cecil
29           Bagwell, Jeff
33           Piazza, Mike
34           Mondesi, Raul
35           Nomo, Hideo
37           Molitor, Paul
38           Cordova, Marty
39           White, Rondell
40           Isringhausen, Jason
41           Wilson, Paul
43           Jeter, Derek
44           Boggs, Wade
48           Smith, Ozzie
50           Caminiti, Ken
53           Fernandez, Osvaldo
54           Buhner, Jay
59           Carter, Joe

 Jeter won't be cheap, so I may save him for last unless someone has it to trade? 

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The Lost Collector said...

This is a sweet set. Wish I had the Jeter for ya. Wish I had it for myself, now that I mention it.