Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big Fun Game Steal

Poor Steve D.  He gets stolen from yet again as Fuji takes his manupatch lot.  Perhaps he was hoping for this though, as Steve now has the option of re-stealing the chrome rack pack (but not the manupatch lot as you have to wait one turn to re-steal).  If he steals the chrome rack pack, it's frozen with him and no one can steal it again.  Or he can steal the Drabek card.

Or Steve can pick from the remaining prizes:  2-4, 6-10 or 12 and assume that someone will steal that too.

Current results:

Current Standings
1.  Steve D-  On the clock
2.  Josh D- Triple Threads Kyle Drabek
3.  cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack (stolen from Steve D)
4.  Fuji- Manupatch lot (stolen from Steve D.)
5.  cardanthema
6.  Jaybarkerfan
7.  Angels In Order
8.  Greg Zakwin
9.  dwilson
10.  Commishbob


The Lost Collector said...

Vicious group you have this year. I love the stealing.

Commishbob said...

Sitting pretty at #10. I get to see almost everything that's available.

Steve D. said...

Haha it's all good. I'll take 7. See you back in a couple hrs with another selection.

Josh D. said...

Unless it's locked, C-Bob!