Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big Fun Game Pick #2

Josh D declines to steal and takes prize #11:

Topps Triple Threads on card auto and jersey card #d to 50 of Kyle Drabek.

cynicalbuddha is up next and can steal the Chrome rack pack or the Drabek card or can pick from prizes 1-4, 6-10 or 12

Current Results:

1.  Steve D-  Topps Chorme Rack Pack
2.  Josh D- Triple Threads Kyle Drabek
3.  cynicalbuddha- On the clock
4.  Fuji
5.  cardanthema
6.  Jaybarkerfan
7.  Angels In Order
8.  Greg Zakwin
9.  dwilson
10.  Commishbob

1 comment:

cynicalbuddha said...

I'll steal the chrome rack pack