Monday, April 29, 2013

A Pair Of Big Fun Game Steals

7 year old baseball practice took me away from the Big Fun Game this evening, but while I was away we had a pair of steals:

dkwilson steals the 1969 Lot from cardantema

cardanthema then steals the 1968 Tom Seaver, which has now been stolen twice, and is frozen with cardanthema.

Angels in order is up next and can steal any of the prices except for the '68 Seaver or the  Drabek Triple Threads.

Current Results:
1. Steve D- Bowman Sterling relics
2. Josh D- Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (stolen from Josh D then dkwilson)
3. cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack (stolen from Steve D)
4. Fuji- Manupatch lot (stolen from Steve D.)
5. cardanthema- 1968 Tom Seaver (stolen from Jaybarker fan then Angels in Order)
6. Jaybarkerfan- Flagship Rack Packs
7. Angels In Order-  on the clock
8. Greg Zakwin- Big League Mini
9. dkwilson- 1969 Lot (from cardanthema)
10. Commishbob- 1955 Harvey Haddix PSA 6 (From Josh D)


1. Manupatch Lot (Fuji)
2. 1968 Tom Seaver (FROZEN to cardanthema)
3. ?
4. 1955 Harvey Haddix PSA 6 (commishbob)
5. Topps Chrome Rack Pack (cynicalbuddha)
6. ?
7. Bowman Sterling Relics (Steve D.)
8. Big League Mini (Greg Zakwin)
9. Flagship Rack Packs (jaybarkerfan)
10. 1969 Lot (cardanthema)
11. Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (FROZEN to Josh D)
12. ?


The Lost Collector said...

Ruthless bunch of dudes.

The Angels In Order said...

I'll go with number 6, my birthdate (although I thought hard about stealing the Haddix.