Monday, March 11, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Anniversary Talk, Dodger Blue and Yu

As the lovely wife will tell you, remembering anniversaries is not one of my stronger skills.  I'll give you an example. For our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago, I thought I was being a great husband by looking up what the traditional anniversary gift was for a couple reaching their 8th anniversary.  Turns out the traditional gifts are either bronze or pottery.   We don't have any bronze in our house and I thought pottery would be the best bet.   Well, where else would I find good pottery but at Pottery Barn?  So I went to Pottery Barn.

I took my time looking and found a couple of nice pots and had them wrapped up.  I thought they were good looking pots, and knew that the lovely wife be gracious about them even if they weren't exactly what she would pick.  I mean, they came from Pottery Barn, and she seems to like that place pretty well.   Besides, I knew what was important was that she would realize I made the effort on my own to shop for traditional 8th year anniversary gifts.  I also knew that display of consideration and sweetness would get me a lot of action in the sack later when I told her the trouble I went to.

Our anniversary date came (it's somewhere like in the middle of May, like the 14th or 15th or abouts) and I gave my wife her gift.  I proudly handed over the box and she eagerly opened it.  As I hoped, she thought the pots were beautiful.    She asked how I came to choose them.  I told her I had done some research and found these were the traditional gifts for this year of our marriage.  Her eyes welled up a little and I knew I had done well.  I also knew that later that night it. was. on.

But.... I kept talking and didn't quit while I was ahead. Big mistake.  "Yeah, for the 8th anniversary they say  traditional gift is either pottery or bronze, and I didn't think you liked bronze that much."

She stopped and kind of stared off across the room for a moment.  "8th anniversary?" she asked.  Uh oh.

"Yeah, I um...."

"Sweet heart.... we've been married 6 years.  Not 8."

"Oh.  Hmm."  I chose my next words carefully.  "I guess it just seems like 8."

Now in my defense I realized what a dumb thing that was to say the moment the words came out of my mouth, which in my opinion, shows great progress on my part.

I won't go into any more detail, but I suppose you can imagine how the rest of that conversation and evening went.

I bring this up only because I just realized that I passed my 2 year blog anniversary last week.  I don't really care that much, but I suppose I should acknowledge it for posterity's sake. 

Actually the only reason I thought about it was that last week I was in Chicago for the International Housewares Show, which I go to every year.  I started my blog just before the show 2 years ago and so now when I'm at the show, I remember this is about the time my blog got started. 

And I only mention going to Chicago last week because it kept me from yet another Cleve Auction,and I once again had to rely on write in bids.  I did ok with them though:

This 1964 Don Drysdale is in exceptional condition and is a great addition to my sampler album

I think I'm going to have Yu-fever this year.  I probably didn't get a price steal on this lot of 4, but I needed his A&G rookie and now I have 4.

Finally, as I was in picking these wins up Saturday, Cleve told me he found a card I might like and gave me this:

Wow!  Cleve continues to amaze me- I'm looking to get my hands on any and all Profar cards I can, and this was one I definitely wanted.  What a guy! (Cleve, not Jurickson)


1964 Don Drysdale $4   A   Very sharp card and much needed for my 1964 page

Yu Darvish Allen and Ginter Lot  $4:  B+  I probably didn't save a whole lot, but getting 4 of these in one shot is great.

Jurickson Profar Spring Fever Card  $0:  A++++++++   It's ridiculous how awesome Cleve is.

On a final note regarding the blog anniversary-  thank you to all of you who follow, comment, trade, play words with friends, and have become friends with me over this past two years.  This goofy project I started two years ago is more fun that I ever imagined and I owe it all to you good folks!

Thanks for hanging out with me!


Spiegel83 said...

Happy 4th anniversary! said 2nd?!?!

Dhoff said...

I'll have to make a trip to Cotton Barn for you.

Digging that Drysdale.

Stealing Home said...

LOL at speigel!

happy anniversary, dude.

Nick said...

Note to self: Remember anniversaries! And go to the Pottery Barn!

Happy blogging anniversary, Mr. Doon. You always manage to provide an enjoyable read.

Love the '64 Drysdale, by the way.

arpsmith said...

Happy Anniversary and great story! My wife and I typically don't do anything but cards for anniversaries but when our 10th came and I only got her a card it didn't go over too well. Our 12th is coming up this summer so I am thinking I should do something nice for making it to a dozen years.

The Lost Collector said...

Congrats on two years. Prefect time for a Big Fun Game if you ask me...