Friday, December 14, 2012

Cleve's Christmas Auction Preview Part 4: Really Old Stuff

Here are a few of the super old items up for auction this Tuesday at Cleve's Christmas auction:

 I showed this T206 Evers in my top 5 wanted cards post about the auction.  Man I want this card!

 I think this Turkey Red cabinet card had a starting bid of $300+, so I'm going to even bother.  But these cards are really neat to see in person and the artwork is fantastic.

 This Murad cabinet card is pretty cool too- but will go for a lot more than I can afford.
Finally, I don't know anything about this, but I'm sure it will be a hot item with all the Lincoln movies out.  I think the stains on it may be blood from all the vampires he killed.

For those of you interested in these, or any of the other cards from the Christmas auction (or any auction for that matter) Cleve does take write in bids.  You can reach him at:   479-927-0067  

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Classic Card Collector said...

That Evans is very nice. Evans (Cubs on Shirt) is one of the hardest T206 Hall of Famers to find, one you get passed Wagner and Plank. I have one, but settled for one that isn't nearly that sharp.

And I also think that is a great Turkey Red Wallace, especially for the grade and with the Turkey Red advertisement back. A fair number of the T3s have tiny pinholes in the top and bottom, since they were often displayed by tacking them into the wall, making it harder to find them in decent technical grades. Also, they required ten coupons to obtain one by redemption, so unless you had a fairly large number of Turkey Reds or were a Browns fan, you were unlikely to make Hall of Famer Rhoderick Rhodes a first choice.