Monday, December 3, 2012

Black Friday COMC Spoils Part 4: Woo Pig Sooie!

I pretty well hit all of my hot collecting areas with the Black Friday sale:  Sets on my master checklist, Rangers- and a bunch of Adrian Beltre.  Everything I bought had a place in my collection.  No shopping binge of mine would be complete without some Razorbacks, and I found some superb additions to my Razorbacks album at the sale, starting with this gem:

I don't know if Brett Eibner will ever make it to AA.  I hope so, since I would then be able to watch him in person here in NW Arkansas.  He's got some major tools, and Baseball America rated his as the best outfield arm KC's minor league system.  He's got lots of power too, but I guess he's having trouble being consistent and hasn't been able to get past A ball, which isn't a good sign for a college player going on his 3rd year in Pro Ball.

Nevertheless, this card is awesome to me- autographed (sticker but who cares) and showing Brett in his Razorback uni.  And it was only a buck.

Joe Adams is starting to make a little noise in the NFL.  This card was a little over a buck, which made me giddy.  We Hog fans will always remember Joe for the below play though- perhaps the greatest individual effort in Razorback football history:


Speaking of greatest and Razorback football.  Darren McFadden has to be the greatest football Hog ever.  I still haven't ponied up for a D-Mac auto, but this sweet Topps Inception card will do for now.

Finally, I added this mesmerizing Ryan Mallett card.  I hope this guy gets a chance to play someday.  I don't know why they keep giving that Brady character ahead of him the start each week.  What's he ever done?

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