Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Friday COMC Spoils Part 2: Stadium Club Diamond Pearls

When I come across these Diamond Pearls insert cards from 2001 Stadium Club, I think of the song “Diamonds and Pearls” by Prince.   Let me ask you:  If that song is playing in my head while I’m looking at these pictures of dudes, that doesn’t say anything about me psychologically does it?  It just happens because of the connection between the words "diamonds and pearls" in the song and on the cards, right?  Right?  Right?????

This is a set I lost steam on a year ago, but found great deals on Black Friday for all but two (Manny Ramirez, Shawn Green) of the remaining cards I needed and will soon put this set to bed.   

I don’t mean that I want to go to bed with these cards. 

 It’s a figure of speech, I don’t mean it literally.  Why is that Prince song so loud in my head right now?    I do like touching these cards though.  I mean, I don’t like it!  I put them in the pages right away, ok?

In all seriousness, I love the pearl finish of these cards.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Jeff Wilk said...

Only your therapist would know for sure on your feelings.

night owl said...

I hear the same song when I see these cards.


(I might have an extra Shawn Green for you).

Anonymous said...

I've got Ramirez, as well as Big Unit and Martinez...