Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trading With The Enemy

The baseball season didn't quite pan out for myself, or I'm guessing, Tom from the wonderful blog Angels, In Order (even if it is Angels-centric.)  He saw a Topps Chrome Mike Trout I pulled a month or so ago and crossed enemy lines to see if I would part with it.   He offered up a slew of Rangers to get it:

 MY had a pretty brutal year, although his last month wasn't all that bad.  Still, I'm always glad to get his cards and build my MY album.
 Ian Kinsler may be the next Ranger I dedicate a solo album to.  If I do, this group of cards will fill it nicely. 
I'm definitely starting a Beltre album soon, and just got in a big lot of cards from Sportlots that I'll subject you all to later this week.  Betlre was the team MVP this year by a mile.

Thanks for the great trade Tom, and I look forward to doing it again!

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The Angels In Order said...

Very much enjoyed my end of the trade as well.