Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Cleve-view

As my attempt at August-erity continues, I thought I would share some of the temptations that are, well, tempting me for Tuesday night's Cleve Auction:

This 1969 Deckle edge Clemente is probably the one I would want the most.   Someone has already put in a bid on it, but I think it was only for $3 or $4.  I may call Tuesday and put in a $5 bid if no one else does.
Normally, I'd be interested in these American Nut and Caramel pennants, but since I got one for my collection a few weeks ago, I can pass on these now.

I'd love to have these too, especially the Bench, but I'm going to behave this week.
Now this is interesting.  It's a reprint of a 1947 Bond Bread card of Jackie Robinson.  If it were the original, I'd be very interested, but apparently the reprints are rare too. 

Finally, there are several goodie boxes available.  The three shown here are packed with late 70's cards.  I've been on kind of a paring down kick lately, so I'm not as interested in these as I would have been a year ago.  The box second to the right includes some late 70's unopened packs though, so I'll be interested to see how high it goes. 


The Lost Collector said...

I want to go to Cleve's.

Spiegel83 said... can call in bids?

Ryan said...

Cleve's envy. Again.