Thursday, August 30, 2012

A True Fantasy Draft

I just wrapped up my Star Wars Fantasy Draft, and after looking over my team, I have to believe the “Darth Haters” are going to force choke the asses of the rest of the league.
Here I am, hours before the draft!

I had the third pick which is a great spot.   Ours is a 10 player mixed (Jedi/Sith- sequel/prequel) non-political power league and I knew Darth Vader and the Emperor would be snapped up with the first two picks.  If it were a political power league The Emperor would clearly be the top choice.  Vader and the Emperor always score high in the “force” (or “F”) and “Coolness” (or CN) categories and they ALWAYS go first, so I had a pretty good idea of who would be available for me at pick #3.    I had to decide between Luke Skywalker or Yoda.  I’m of the school of thought that Yoda should be a top two pick, because, as he would say, “Strong with the force is he.”     Yeah, I know his CN factor isn’t that high, but he is off the charts with the F.  But I was in a gambling mood and decided to take a risk and draft Skywalker first and see if there was any chance Yoda might sneak back to me in round 2. 

And guess what?  He did.  We had a lot of newbies in our league this year so I kind of expected them to give too much weight to the CN category and take a bunch of bounty hunters early.   That’s exactly what happened.  Can you believe some guy picked Bossk in the first round?  Bossk????  This guy’s team name was, get this, “Darth Ninja.”  Puh-lease.  It’s more like “Dork Ninja” dude.

So I gladly snatched up Yoda, and between him and Luke Skywalker, my F and “lightsaber”  (LS) categories were basically set.  Once you get those established you can easily find cheap “blaster accuracy” (or “BA”) and CN points elsewhere.

I mentioned the newbies took a lot of bounty hunters in rounds 1 and 2.   Of course Boba Fett and Jango Fett were the first two taken.  I also mentioned the inexplicable selection of Bossk.    Then Dengar and 4-LOM.  Notice a big name missing?  Yep, no one picked IG-88 and that big metal badass was waiting for me in round 3.  I’m totally serious.  So I grabbed him, and suddenly my CN and BA categories were strong too!  In fact, IG-88's BA is the top ranked in the game.  I mean, he’s a robot for crying out loud, of course he’s accurate!  I couldn’t have asked for a better first 3 rounds.  My only regret is that Han Solo wasn’t available to me after round 1.  I figured he’d get taken early, as his CN and BA are very strong.  I just wanted him for sentimental reasons.  I have a vest just like the one he wore in A New Hope and like to wear it when I go to the mall.

Here were my other picks:

Round 4:  Emperor’s Royal Guard-  This was a bit of a steal since they have high CN factors as well as BA.  Plus as we’ve seen in the comics, some of them can use the force.

Round 5:  Snow storm trooper.  Again, a newbie left this to me. A guy named “Grandma Tarkin” took, of course, Grand Moff Tarkin which I completely don’t get (read the league charter doofus- NON POLITICAL POWER LEAGUE!!! HELLO!!!!) No force, no BA and no CN, which means no chance at a trophy for Grandma Tarkin.  What a chump.

Round 6:  Salacious Crumb.  Some context is needed here.  I’ve been in this league for about 8 years, and it’s kind of become my “thing” to take someone in the last round that cracks all the fellas up.  I almost took Jar Jar Binks, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So I took Crumb.  He won’t help my team, but your 6th guy is always on the bench anyway.

You may have noticed that none of my picks are from the prequel movies.  It’s not that I have anything against them per se, I just think sometimes you have to make a statement when you have as powerful a platform as I do.

So, I’m feeling good going into the season.  I’ll let you know how things shake out! 

One final note-  the owner of Team  P.I.E. Fighters (don’t ask) may be hanging em up after this season.  Please let me know if you are interested and I’ll see if I can get you his spot.   Admission is one MINT ON CARD vintage figure.  NO LOOSE FIGURES PLEASE!!!  Winner of the Bantha Bowl at the end of the year takes all.


Fuji said...

I have no idea what a SW Fantasy League is or does... but it sure sounds cool.

Congratulations on stealing Yoda in the second round. He would have easily been my first pick.

The Lost Collector said...

I would have taken Natalie Portman in the first round...of any draft.

Josh D. said...


Bravo, good sir.

Napkin Doon said...

Dude, you can get Padme (portman) off the waiver wire any time. Why the heck would you do that anyway?