Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Suite It Was..

Thursday night I kicked off perhaps the greatest baseball extended weekend of my life.  I’ll get to the rest of the weekend later, but I’ll give you a hint:  MLB FanFest and XM Futures game.

Thursday night started with a simple NW Arkansas Naturals Minor League game, but my family was fortunate enough to watch from a luxury suite!  And now it will be very difficult for me to ever go back to sitting with the riff raff in the bleachers now that I have tasted the opulence of a luxury suite.  There were 5 families sharing the box, all friends of ours, and after divvying up the total here’s the damage per head:  $31 per person.

That included parking, tickets, hot dogs,  7 layer dip, chips and salsa, veggie tray, huge chocolate chip cookies, fired cheese sticks, a bottle of vodka and unlimited bottles of water, soda and boxes of popcorn.   Add to that, we were in an air-conditioned room on a 97 degree night and if this were one of my Cleve auctions, I’d give myself an A+++++ for this purchase.

Here are some pics-
 First priority- the food
 The ladies turned the TV to HGTV and watched Househunters halfway through the game.  Disgusting.  
 What a spectacular view!  None of these people are me so don't get excited.

And speaking of getting excited....

 Yes, we had plenty of food, but these BBQ nachos are the shiz-nit so I went downstairs and stood in line with the general admission peasants and ordered some.    I scoffed when the concession laborers tried to give me a plastic fork for my nachos.  I patiently explained I didn’t need their pitiful plastic forks since I had superior metal ones at my disposal in my suite.    

The game was not much to speak of.  There aren’t many great prospects on the Naturals roster at the moment.  They played the Corpus Christi Hooks, who I’ve already seen this year, but have a couple of good Astros prospects in Jonathan Villar and Jonathan Singleton.  Villar crushed a home run and looked very good in the field,so I understand why he is considered MLB material.  

The Hooks won handily 9-2 or something like that.  I lost focus around the 8th inning because the kids started getting restless and I had to watch them because the lovely wife and her degenerate friends killed off the vodka towards the end of the game and were getting raucous.  They settled down just enough to avoid getting us thrown out, and we stayed for a very impressive fireworks show after the game.

You can’t really get a good sense of the show from this crappy picture, but the Naturals put on fantastic fireworks shows.  The view from the suite was absolutely perfect.  It was also amusing watching the firemen put out the dozens of small fires that broke out in the adjacent fields due to the lack of rain over the past two months.

All in all, it was one of the most fun nights of my life, and we have vowed to make a habit of it.

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The Lost Collector said...

Sounds like a good time. I didn't know you were such a high roller.