Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: No One Goes To Cleve’s Anymore, It’s Too Crowded

Ok, so I borrowed that head scratcher from Yogi Berra (he once said the same thing about a popular restaurant.)  
The point is that Cleve’s auctions have been packed lately.   I didn’t get a whole lot of what I wanted at the most recent auction, so I had to take a different, “moneyball” type strategy.  My approach was that since most of the stuff I wanted went for more than I wanted to pay,  I would simply buy other stuff that was going cheap even though it might not fit my collection.  Then I could flip that stuff on eBay or trade for what I wanted.
Here is what I got from the last auction, some of it I’m keeping, some of it I’m selling and some is for trade:

This Mickey Mantle Pin was my win of the night.  I got it for $7 and will flip it for triple that on eBay.

I also picked up these two Yankee autos at good prices.  The Noesi has already been shipped off to someone, but the other is available if anyone is interested.

There were a lot of factory sets available at this auction.  Most of it went for more than I wanted to pay, but I managed a 1992 Factory Score set for $3.  Don’t tell me I overpaid, smart asses.  It’s a good deal, Score or no Score.

Football cards aren’t a big deal to me, but I couldn’t resist these vintage cards.  An Earl Campbell rookie for $3 is an easy call, and a Gayle Sayers for $2 was as well.  Both are available for trade.

I’m not sure what I want to do with this Vincent Jackson patch card.   The patch is pretty cool, but I doubt I can flip it for much.  It’s available for trade too.

Finally, I picked up this Ray Knight relic card.  This may actually turn out to be the “get” of the night for me.  Cleve mentioned that it was hard to find, but I just bought it because I could get it for $3 and Knight was one of my favorite Mets growing up.    I can’t decide what I’m going to do with it yet.  I might trade it for the right offer.

Mantle Topps WS Pin $7 A+:  I should probably keep it, but I can sell it for a nice profit online

Hector Noesi Auto $4 B:  And
Nunez Auto $6  B:  These are good trade bait.

1992 Score Factory Set $3  A:  It’s junk wax, but it’s sealed and has some cool extras.

Earl Campbell Rookie $3  A: and
Gayle Sayers                   $2   A:  Nice vintage cards of HOF running backs

Vincent Jackson Patch $6   C:  It’s a nifty patch, but I’m not sure I’m going to get much for it.  I’ve got a little nephew that likes the Chargers, so I’ll just give it to him.

Ray Knight Relic $3  A+:  I think this is a tough card to get, and Knight doesn’t have my relic cards.

Let me know if anything (except the Mantle and Noesi) interests you!

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carlsonjok said...

I need the Knight for my 2004 Greats set. Well, I actually need the plain old non relic version of that card for my set, but I think a relic version is an acceptable substitute. Let me trawl your want list.