Monday, May 21, 2012

Wantlist Help From Another World

I received an awesome package in the mail today from Dan of "The Other World" blog, a great read, especially if you are a Phillies fan, which I am not, but I like his blog anyway.

He contacted me about helping out with my 2011 Gypsy Queen set and sent a huge group of cards for it, as well as an unexpected stack of 2011 Kimball Champions cards.

Here are some of the Gypsy Queen highlights:

These are awesome!  I'm going to start fining people who don't like Gypsy Queen, especially the 2011 set.  How could anyone not like that Bob Gibson card?  The Valencia card up top is a SP, too.  The Speaker "Great Ones" insert gets me to 93% done with that set, and thanks to Dan's shipment, I now only need 32 more of the base set (not including SPs).

My momentum on the Kimball Champions set had pretty much stalled out, but Dan gave it a nice kick start with these:

Yeah, these are pretty darn cool, and I'm going to have to jump back on building this set since I now can see the finish line.

Thanks for the great cards Dan!  For those of you looking for a different kind of box break, check out his high end offering that is filling up now.  Tell him Napkin sent you and you will get a $0 discount, and a "who is that?" response, but you should say it anyway.

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