Friday, May 25, 2012

Hoopin It Up With Royals And Randoms

I'm not a huge basketball fan, especially with Razorback basketball being so pedestrian the past 10+ years.  Bu that didn't stop me from jumping on an offer for cards at Royals and Randoms a few weeks ago.  I claimed the Joe Johnson's Josh was offering because Johnson is a former Razorback, and I claimed the Michael Jordan's because it was Michael Jordan.  See here:

There are still other cards available.   If you guys don't pounce on them, I may go back for seconds.  There was somebody named Lebron that I would be happy to take.  Thanks for the cool stuff Josh, and I've got some Royals headed your way!


The Lost Collector said...

Growing up, I was big into basketball cards. In 5th or 6th grade I pulled that red Fleer Jordan Sharpshooter card. At the time it booked for like $35 or something. Big money to a 12 year old.

Josh D. said...

Wow -- I guess that Sharp Shooter is worth some money. I guess it's your lucky day! :-)

Glad they made it to there safely.

-Josh D.