Monday, March 19, 2012

Topps Heritage Opens Old Wounds

Like many of you, I have tested out Topps Heritage recently.    Unlike many of you, I burst into tears when I opened one of the packs in the blaster I bought.

I totally forgot that Heritage runs these World Series cards.  What a painful reminder of that horrible turn of events.  Sure, this is a card of game two, which the Rangers won, but all I can remember about that World Series is the disastrous game 6.   In fact, when I first saw this card, I thought it was referring to Feliz coming in with the lead in game 6 and blowing it.  Now THAT would have been mean.  

From a marketing standpoint, wouldn’t it have made more sense to feature the ALCS instead of the World Series?  Isn't the ALCS a bigger deal than the World Series?  I know it was in 2011 anyway.  Wouldn't we all have enjoyed that?  Or maybe a great Rangers Moments from 2011 set?  Topps really blew it on this one.
It kind of ruined the whole box for me, and I have no interest in building this set.  But here are some other cards I got in my blaster.  Nothing really great:
 The Adam Jones is a Chrome refractor which is fine I guess, and the McCutchen mini sticker is ok.  

What a downer.  I guess I’m not over last season yet.  At least the new season is almost upon us and a new opportunity will arise.  I think the Rangers have a realistic shot of going 162-0 this year, barring any bad luck.  Let’s say 152-10 just to be safe.
If anyone is building Heritage, I’ve got some for trade.  Other than the Cliff Lee and Ian Kinsler cards, everything is available.  Especially the cruel World Series card.

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Nick said...

Hey Napkin,

I have my 2012 Heritage base needs listed on my "Set Needs" tab on my blog if you don't mind taking a look to see if you pulled any I need.

Feel free to email me if you'd like to work something out.