Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Fun Game Participant List!

Finally released from the clutches of real life, I'm back and ready to take on my second year of un-remarkable blogging about baseball cards or other random topics that I will arbitrarily pull out of thin air!  As promised, today we are kicking off my 4th Big Fun Game as a show of appreciation for you folks making my first year in the baseball card blogging world a total blast!

Without further delay, here are the participants:

1) Ryan
2) Eric L
3) Potch
4) Hackenbush
5) Lost Collector
6) dawgbones
7) arpsmith
8) daddyohoho
9) Martyn
10) piratesfan731

All I can tell you is that this is not rigged.  Yes, piratesfan731 has said some very nice things and been a good friend of the blog.  Yes, the 10th spot is pretty much the best spot.  I PROMISE I only used the randomizer once.  When I saw he was the 10th pick, I immediately thought folks might find that a little sketchy.  I actually debated doing the randomizer again, but that just would not have been appropriate.  It is what it is.

Ryan, you have the first pick, and need to pick a number between 1 and 10.  Once Ryan makes his pick, I will reveal the card and Eric L will have the next pick.  He can either pick a remaining prize, or he can steal Ryan's pick.  If he steals Ryan's pick, Ryan will pick again, but can't re-steal Eric L's prize.  Once he picks, then it will be Potch's pick and Potch can either steal Ryan's or Eric's prize or can pick something else.  You get the idea.  Once an item is stolen for the second time, it is frozen.

Have fun everyone!


Matt said...

Drat, didn't make it this time. I look forward to seeing the mystery prizes though, have fun everyone.

The Lost Collector said...

Oh yes. Oh yes. It. Is. On.

Ryan said...