Tuesday, February 28, 2012

T206 Tuesdays: "Sleepy" Bill Burns

"Sleepy" Bill Burns was a below average pitcher for about 5 years in the Major Leagues.  For all of you historians out there, or readers of the excellent book "Eight Men Out", (or watchers of the excellent movie "Eight Men Out,") you know Burns more for his role in the fixing of the 1919 World Series.  

I have to say, it's hard to reconcile this picture of Burns compared to Christopher Lloyd's portrayal of  him.
I have no idea how many liberties the movie took with the facts, but one of the court room scenes with Burns seems like it was pretty historically accurate.  I found a great site that documented all of Burns' actual court testimony.  Fans of the movie will remember the cross examination scene well.  Here is part the actual transcript:

Q:  The players double-crossed you, didn't they?
A:  Yes.
A:  Well, you double-crossed them.
A:  Not until they crossed me.
Q:  : Is that a reason for testifying?
A:  One of them.
Q:  Then it is not for the purity of baseball?
A:  Well, they double-crossed me and I would have been the fall guy for the whole outfit.
Q:  If the players had really been crooked, you would have been satisfied!  Do you think you are even with the boys now?
A:  I am liable to be before I leave here! [Laughter.]
Q:  You don't like me much, do you, Bill?
A:  Sure I think you're a smart fellow, and I wish we had someone like you at the head of this deal; we'd all be rich, now. . . .


The Lost Collector said...

I love Doc Brown.

These are cool cards. I want to own one some day. Some day.

Nick said...

Awesome card! I didn't even know there was a tobacco card of "Sleepy" Bill Burns out there.

Martyn said...

A great character from a great chapter of the greatest era in the greatest game!

Milwaukee Southpaw said...

"Hey, I won a few games"

"You lost a few more."