Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: This Isn’t Going To Stop Is It, Napkin? Part 2

Before I begin, I'm desperately trying to get a sneak peak of 2012 Topps cards.  Has anyone seen pictures or heard anything about these yet? 

BOOYAH, rim shot baby, I'll be here all week!

Anyway, yesterday I showed off the vintage portion of my pickups from Cleve's Tuesday night auction.  Let's jump into the rest shall we?

I picked up this lot of Topps Supreme Football (and one low numbered Yates Bowman Sterling) for $3, mostly for the Darren McFadden.  But they came in a nice little black box that I assume was the original box they sell in?  I'll give a few of the football cards to my boy, and the box to my girl for her to store her cards.  Of course if anyone wants to trade for anything other than the McFadden, please let me know.

I was super excited to get an autograph of Adrian Beltre, who is fast becoming one of my favorite players.  $3 for this beauty.
I picked up another pair of autos, each for $2:
These are for trade if anyone is interested.
For another $2 I couldn't pass up this Jorge Posada bat card.  I'm pretty happy with it, but it is for trade as well.

Grades for the modern card portion of the auction:

Topps Supreme Lot $3  A:  I'm happy with the D-Mac, and my kids will be happy with the rest of it.  Win-win.

Adrian Beltre Auto $3  A+:  I'm more excited about this by the minute.  This was a great buy in my opinion.

Sizemore and Pena autos $2 each  B+:  I didn't really need these, but they might bring something good in trade, and at a minimum will beef up my auto collection.

Allen and Ginter Posada relic $2  A:  Another good trade bait card.

Overall, I'm giving my self an A for this auction.  I spent only $22 and got a nice versatile slew of cards.


Greg Zakwin said...

That Beltre's a beaut! Nice score!

Dhoff said...

I don't even like Beltre, but that card is awesome. Nice work, Nap.

Play at the Plate said...

Nap, I don't have that Pena auto. We could work out a deal down the road.