Friday, February 17, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: My Absentee Pickups

Should I get credit for skipping Cleve's auction this Tuesday and instead spending Valentines night with the lovely wife?  Or did I technically “attend” the auction since I put in write in bids beforehand and may or may not have been thinking the whole night about what I may or may not have won rather than listen to her yammer about whatever she was yammering about? I kid of course!  We had a lovely dinner together sans children, and as I mentioned, she gave me a swell Valentines gift

But there was a lot of good stuff at the auction this week, and I put in bids on about a dozen items, hoping that most of the other guys would be in the same boat as me and skip the auction to be with their significant others.   My hopes were dashed when I found that I only one two auctions.  They were solid pickups, so I’m not too disappointed. Here was the first purchase for $5:

What you see is a lot of 61 vintage Topps cards anywhere from so-so to ultra-crappy condition.  I bought this assortment to fill out my sampler album.  For those that don’t remember every word of every one of my posts, one of my goals this year was to build a sampler album of one 9 card page for every Topps base set from 1952 to today.  I will deliberately and systematically trade out and upgrade the "starness" of the players and the condition of the cards over the years.  But for now I at least have a full page of 1959 Topps, and a good start on my 1964 page, including Rusty Staub's 2nd year card. 

Again, these cards are not in great shape in general, but I would love to be able to send the ones that don't make the sampler album to good homes if anyone is interested or needs some set fillers. 

I also got this 1967 Al Kaline for $3.  It’s in good shape, and a neat looking card.  It too will go in the sampler album. 

Vintage Assortment  $5  A-:   That's $.08 a card, people.   Not a lot of stars and many cards are in bad shape, but this was a cheap way to fill in my sampler album. 

1967 Kaline $3  B+:  Nice card of a HOFer.  Can’t complain about that.


Jeremy said...

Wow, that's a lot of nice, old cards. Would you trade some of those for a Tony Gwynn relic?

Dhoff said...

Impressive work, Nap. Helluva V-day.

Hackenbush said...

Not bad for 5 bucks. Jim Lemon looks like he knows he has the number 162 tattooed on his forehead. God damned kids!

The Lost Collector said...

Damn Doon! I would have much rather spent $5 on a buttload of vintage than on that questionable $5 footlong from Subway I ate last night.