Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Checklist Chipaway: Gypsy Queen Green Paper Frames

I now have a D- on my Gypsy Queen Green Paper Framed Set, or more precisely I'm 62% complete.  62% still feels like it's a long way to go.  
I got this lot from a fantastic eBay seller named lilbumblebeee03.  Not only did they send these beauties quickly after purchase, check out these "filler cards" that were sent along:

Trout, Hosmer and Stanton rookies? Thank you very much!  I guess the Hosmer isn't technically the 2011 Rookie of him, but his "Rookie Debut" card.  It's all good to me.  I'll definitely be watching bumblebeee03s store going forward.


arpsmith said...

I have an extra Tim Lincecum Green border card. Have any Giants for trade?

LMK, Adam

The Lost Collector said...

Love when sellers throw in a few fillers. I've gotten a few nice cards that way.