Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spiegeling with the Stars

Spiegel from the awesome blog Nomo’s Sushi Platter has become to trading with me what Alec Baldwin is to hosting Saturday Night Live:  a frequent guest who never disappoints.

I just wrapped up my third (or was if fourth?) trade with Spiegel.  He posted his end of the deal on a cool video post on his blog here.    I love video posts.  I would love to do my own.  But alas, I dare not unveil the shroud of secrecy that must not speak it’s name for, I Napkin Doon, shall forsooth not seek ye… something… under a cloak of secrecy…  um…  perpitude, or something.

Sorry, lost my train of thought.    Anyway, I got a thick stack of superstars from Mr. Spiegel and I’m giddy about it:

The Fleer Ultra Kinsler is sharp.  I may have to look into building that set.  
Since he’s a Razorback, I’ll root for Cliff Lee no matter where he plays.  But it still hurts a little not seeing him in a Ranger uni.
 How about that Jeter Gallery card?  Very nice.

Fill those Halladay and Ichiro pages Spiegel, fill them full my man..

Spiegel, once again, you are an awesome trade partner!


Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for the kind words, Napkin. Maybe you can do a video post while wearing a scarf or ski mask. It may look kind of creepy but, the blog world would get a good laugh out of it.

carlsonjok said...

If you like the Topps Gallery, I got stuck with a bunch of them in a Heritage lot I got off of EBay a while back. If you want them, they are yours.