Saturday, January 7, 2012

Royals and Winnings

I was fortunate enough to be picked to participate in a clever game at Royals and Randoms a few weeks ago.  It was a hybrid draft/yankee swap game with hundreds of cards to choose from.    I'm not sure how Josh kept up with everything, but he did a great job and is building himself a nice blog over there.  My winnings came in this week, and it was fun to dig through:

These Flair cards were the main thing I was targeting.  I've got a decent handful of these in my own collection, and it's one of those sets I may decide to back my way into completing if I can get enough to get started. 
I also picked up a few Rangers.
... and some non- Rangers I collect.  The Biggio card is pretty slick.
To round out my winnings, a have a few misc cards I liked.  The Larkin card is part of a Fleer Tradition set I was building, but scrapped, but may decide to start up again.

Josh also had a "Mystery Pick" wrinkle in the game.  You could, or could choose not to, choose a mystery card as part of your winnings.  Of course I had to take a chance on it.  This is what I got:
It's a pretty cool looking Jeff Gordon card that apparently used to play some sort of audio.  I guess Josh wore it out before sending to me, because when I pushed the play button, all I heard for the next ten minutes were scratchy pained screeches coming out of the card.  It went on and on and I couldn't make it stop.  Josh is now on the lovely wife's sh*t list.  But I still think it's a cool card though.

Thanks for the great contest Josh!  Be sure to check out his blog, it's a lot of fun!

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Josh D. said...

Please tell your wife I'm sorry. Well...I'm not really sorry. :-) I did the same thing to my wife, who also dislikes screeching for some reason...but at least it played audio in little 2-second chunks for me.

Glad you liked your winnings!

According to Zistle, I have 17 more 1995 Flair cards for trade if you ever want to jump in and go for that set.