Wednesday, January 4, 2012

eTopps In Hand Delivery Part 1

I’m not sure if eTopps is circling the drain yet or not.  There seems to be a lot of tension on the message boards (what else is new though), but there also does not seem to be a lot of excitement or effort coming from eTopps at the same time.  Maybe it’s slowly dying away, who knows.  Since points will no longer be able to be used for shipping, I took a decent size delivery of cards I wanted in hand last week, and they arrived today.  No matter how annoyed I get at the operations at eTopps, I have to say these cards are just sweet.     
First, here are some T206:
 The backs are cool too:

I had a lot more of these, but as I started getting back into cardboard much more heavily, I sold all of them to fund my paypal account.    I got these three through trades.

 Here are my Razorbacks.  Love the Cliff Lee card with the big Indians logo from the 2008 set.  The checklist for that set is pretty weak, but the cards are sharp. 

 I got some Rangers too.    The Young card is much nicer in hand that in port.

Tomorrow I'll show the eTopps Football cards I got as well as few other misc cards.


moremonkeys138 said...

Is there any way you'd part with that T206 Mathewson? That would look tremendous next to my original with the same picture (he had three cards in the original T206 set). Let me know!

wickedortega said...

let me know about the mickey please