Friday, January 20, 2012

Conlon Collection Part 6: Wrapping Up A Fun Set

Unlike me, the writer of these cards didn’t seem to be losing steam as he neared the end of this entertaining set.  Below are the final 6 cards and the write ups.

I’ve made fun of this writer several times, but I have to admit the use of ( ) parentheses to describe how Honus Wagner’s legs looked was pretty clever.  I also thought it was interesting that the author noted the T206 card of Wagner as part of the write up and stated that the card was worth “above $20,000 today.”

I also love the photo of Hack Wilson, diving out of the way of a pitch.  I don’t know much about Wilson other than his 191 RBI record, but I thought the footnote about how his fondness for “the bubbly” had kept him out of the Hall of Fame for a period of time was interesting.    After a cursory search, I discovered that Wilson was elected by the Veteran’s committee in 1979, well after his death.   He did appear to be a heavy drinker (and fighter) by the accounts I read.

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