Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Conlon Collection: Smack Talking Christy Mathewson and the Babe

I guess toward the end of composing the write ups for this set, the author started feeling a little cocky.  He comes right out and says Christy Mathewson looked like hell at the end of his career, and if you need proof, this set provides all you need:

Card #46:  “Christy Mathewson, as you can see, has had it.”
The author suggests lining up the other Mathewson cards to see the regression of Mathewson.  Easy enough, here they are:

What do you think?  Does it look like Mathewson has had enough?  I’m not that bright or perceptive so I’m not getting anything from looking at these cards.  I especially don’t see much difference in one side of his face to the other.  But it was fun interacting with this page of the set nonetheless. 

The author was also blunt towards Babe Ruth.  Check out the write up on card 48 of the Bambino.  Again, the author asks the reader to compare cards, basically “before and after.”    A scan of the two cards is beside the point here.  What’s important was the comment on card 48:

Card #48:  “Compare the prior picture of Babe Ruth in 1922 and this one two years later- in 1924.  Note the fat and the aging.”

As an experiment, I would like all of you guys with girlfriends to find a current picture of your gal, and one from at least two years ago.  When she is your presence, hold up the pictures side by side and say “Huh.  Note the fat and the aging.”  Please document her response and send me a recap.  I will compile the data and release an executive summary of my findings.  Notice I didn’t ask the married guys to do this.  I do not want to be responsible for any divorces.


moremonkeys138 said...

This post was great for a good chuckle!

Spiegel83 said...

You can also line up cards of dudes from the Steroid Era and see any differences in looks.