Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wax Wednesday: Topps Update

When I was in high school, I used to think that the act of physically seeing things was not a one way process.  I didn’t so much think our eyes took things as much as they shot out imperceptible rays that gathered information and bounced back to our eyes.  Kind of like sonar.  And I wondered if on some microscopic level, our vision “rays” left an impact on whatever they bounced off of.  Obviously, I knew it had to be imperceptible if this were  true or else we would all be shooting lasers out of our eyes at each other.  But I thought perhaps if the object you were looking at were sensitive enough, the impact of our vision rays could be perceived if you stared at it for a long enough period of time.  So one day in my photography class, I spent 10 minutes in the darkroom staring at some blank film.  Then I tried to process it and see if some little dots showed up where I was staring.  They didn’t.

Here are some Topps Update cards I got in a rack pack this week:


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The Lost Collector said...

Haha, great story and experiment. Sorry you didn't have any better results in the pack.