Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh baby are those Naturals?

They're Naturals, and they're spectacular! (Seinfeld)

I didn't think much of the Topps Heritage Minor League set that was recently released, but I was surfing around on eBay and saw that there were a handful of relic cards from Northwest Arkansas Naturals (KC Royals AA) prospects.  I still won't do much with this set, but I really wanted these and got them all for under $10 shipped. These cards are especially fun because my boy and I were able to meet all of these guys at a pre-season autograph session this past year.
I still remember how nice guy John Lamb was to my boy.  He was a top 50 prospect according to Baseball America (#18), but had Tommy John surgery and won't be available until late next season.  He seems like a really decent guy and I hope he gets back on track and has a long career in the bigs.

Christina Colon seemed like a typical college kid.  He was late to the autograph session and was pretty sheepish about it as the other players ragged him.  #51 on the prospect list,  he will probably start the season in AAA next year.

And finally, the prospect that many have said has as bright or brighter future than Eric Hosmer or Mike Moustakas is Wil Myers #10 on the list.  He's really young, and didn't exactly tear it up this year in Arkansas, but had his moments.  I'm hoping we get to see him one more year before he heads to AAA.

Getting relics of Naturals jerseys was fun, and I hope Topps keeps this set going.  The best part?  I can pretend the blurry guy in the seats in the background of the Myers card is me.

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